About Us

ChenHao Industrial Co. Ltd. was established in 2007 and is specialized in the design and implementation of gas pipelines, chemical pipelines, food biotechnological pipelines, manufacturing pipelines, electromechanical machinery, air conditioners and hook-up secondary layouts. We are a professional team honoring professional, responsible, and assured quality management concepts with high added value in order to provide work with the highest quality and competitiveness.

The primary business of the company relates to new building project plans, design, construction, and expansion maintenance engineering for the technology industry, chemical engineering industry, biological industry, and conventional factory sites.

Company vision:
quality assurance, professional with innovation, trust with dedication

Professional team:
Our company provides various project plan designs and construction for clients and is staffed by a group of talented and experienced professionals. Our engineering team further includes professionals with excellent construction experience and technical skills with domestic and international manufacturers around the globe in order to ensure our construction quality for engineering projects.

Project management:
We are dedicated to handling every step of project construction with standard operational methods in a highly professional manner in order to elevate the quality of our work to perfection and to follow the prescribed standard operation procedure on engineering project management in a strict manner in order to not only increase the competitive edge of ChenHao but also provide the greatest project guarantees to our clients.